Essay 1


savan panchal editorial photography


This forest - unbroken - gasps out a whisper. Deep scraps of green lean on the edge. Trees might open the eyes for infinity. For a salty conversation. They might rustle trembling fingers. 


it starts with shivers of sunlight

she walks in

mist crumbles away

she holds her breath

eyelashes cracks spider webs

'it smells like pine cones' she thinks

she draws curves in the air

heavy spirit tickles her face

forest beasts crawl in the hair


she breaths in


Text by Karolina Ozolinsiute, photos and video by Savan Panchal




Essay 1 is a collection of stories - garments - which got inspired by women.

Each model is a unique single made item. Each is special.

Like you 


savan panchal photography 





 karolina ozolinsiute fashion


All garments are created from a variety of fabrics seeking minimum waste. High-quality silk and lightweight organza create airy voluminous silhouettes and crisp cotton embody more stable and sculptural shapes. Delicate glass beads are hand-sewn creating subtle embroidery patterns. 

This collection is a combination of neutral earthy and pastel tones aspiring parallel to colors in nature.

Nature as a saga.

Nature as a home. 


karolina ozolinsiute





organza dress 








green organza dress










wedding dress





linen black suit





black and white photography savan panchal





linen fashion





beaded dress





pink silk dress 

silk beaded dress





savan panchal photography





monochromatic photography 











nature photography














ivory organza dress





sky blue dress 





      grey organza dress  

      karolina ozolinsiute fashion





 dark green dress























savan panchal photography


nature texture photography





 savan panchal photography





fashion photography  





 editorial photography

green silk dress





 backless silk dress





linen fashion 





ethical fashion brand





in the forest























wind photography





light photography





karolina ozolinsiute fashion

















by Karolina Ozolinsiute