This brand is a story.
A story about a girl crazy to live, crazy to grow, crazy to love.
She is inspired.
She is focused.
She is desirous of everything.
She keeps burning.
She is filled with awe.
Just watch her.

KAROLINA OZOLINSIUTE label is an embodiment of unique and strong personalities. It got inspired by people: things they do, world they create, individuals they are. I believe that clothes are part of what we are or believe in; it keeps our energy and translates a connection between a person and culture. Our experiences compose our actions and self-expression. Inner remarkability allows us to create our vision of life. We want it to be meaningful. And important. And special.   


You are special.


About Karolina

Since childhood, I loved designing and making clothes. I remember watching my grandmother, a great tailor, working in her living room. There was a certain energy in that place, a sense of inspiration, excitement, respect for work, and people. I used to sit near her sewing machine table collecting scraps which will become clothes for my dolls. It was so mesmerising to see a piece of fabric gaining shape and getting a purpose as a garment.
I have this thrill when I am inspired and when I am working. There is a unique magic in that process, a certain feeling of possibilities. And I like the sound of the sewing machine. Is that weird?

I am Lithuanian living in Scotland. I read, travel, meet people. These experiences shape my perception of values, aesthetic, and ethical importance in the industry. People and places thrive, enable me to grow and create.