I source just small amount of fabrics, it's why most the garments are unique single made items.
I use natural and synthetic fabrics. Natural fibers: plant or animal-based are more environmentally friendly, insulating, and breathable. Synthetic fibers are more withstand, stain-resistant, and waterproof. My material choices impact the longevity and durability of clothes, them becoming part of the new using cycle.

The Creative process is learning and growing. I aim to explore and use more sustainably sourced materials, to progress as a person and a brand.



Every garment has a story. Every garment holds energy. What inspired it, where it came from, how it's been designed, cut, and sewed. 
Each piece is individually created and done by me in my studio in Edinburgh. I carefully choose fabrics and seek minimum waste in the cutting process. Fabric offcuts are kept and used for padding, accessories, and other small items. I believe that fashion should have a positive impact on people and our planet.

Through our habits, we have so much power.



All garments are created thoughtfully to be timeless. I create a limited number of pieces that are not season or trend-led. Every item is unique and has its own history of making. I am focused on special fabrics, quality, and great design. 

I think about the person who will be wearing it, what functional and aesthetic impact the garment will give. I see every individual like me, as my friend: how they feel in this garment, do they like it, do I like it. 


Made to order

Made to order garments are special designs made as per your measurement requirements. Depending on the design it may be offered in different fabrics and lengths. Here you get included in the creative process. Made to order garments ensure that clothes are made when they needed.



Novella garments are created and upcycled from second-hand items. Each piece has been carefully cleaned and prepared for finding a new purpose. I call these garments novellas since each of them presents a special story, a fairytale, shaped by characters, a sense of empathy, and shared humanity. 



Some of the pieces include vintage components (buttons, padding), which will be noted on the product page. They have been curated, cleaned, and adjusted to certain garments. Reuse of these items gives a balance between past and present, ads new purpose to reclaimed details.



Who are you? What do you care about?